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Writing Services

writing services

Dazed and Confucius works with a small roster of diligently selected writers to create statements for artists. These may range from artists statements written in a particular tone or language, press-releases for upcoming exhibitions, pitches, grant proposal statements and CVs. 

All writing done by the Dazed and Confucius team is reviewed, edited and signed-off on by Pennylane. All documents are considered "ghost-written" and the intellectual property belongs to the artist. Through a short questionnaire and/or your consult with Pennylane, we establish the framework to the statement, however the main interpretation of your artwork is by our team. 

Dazed and Confucius charges $1.00/word with specialized packages catered to the needs of the artist. For more details on any writing service, please email us to set up an appointment.

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Let Pennylane know what kind of written document you're after:
1. Please include links to any previous statements or published writing on your work here, if any. 2. Tell us whether you prefer 1st or 3rd person perspective. 3. Please include anything you feel is pertinent to mention when it comes to your art practice.