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Websites Squarespace


Reliable - Customizable - User friendly

One of the most well known of the template providers, Squarespace offers good customization options, superb customer service and a simple, intuitive admin area which makes small updates and edits easy for an artist to do themselves. Also offers seamless integration with e-commerce, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and Instagram. We have developed a custom template - exclusive to Dazed and Confucius.

This is a good choice for the artist who plans on making updates themselves within a widely used, well-supported template. Also a good choice for artists who plan to (or already do) sell their work directly to their patrons.

What's included:

  1. Domain name search and registration (

  2. Image optimization and resizing for your website

  3. Full screen landing page

  4. Work galleries - we recommend up to 20 images in each gallery and the fee includes working with up to 45 of your images (additional $3 per image afterwards).

  5. Captions for all artwork

  6. Biography page

  7. Artist Statement page

  8. Curriculum Vitae page

  9. Press section

  10. Contact page

  11. Social Media integration for up to 3 accounts

If you don't have all the content we listed above and still want to get going, don't worry. We will build a hidden site and publish when you're ready.


CA$595.00 is for the build, which assumes the artist will provide all visual assets and written material.

It does not include vendor subscription costs for domain or web hosting. Monthly, domain hosting typically costs approximately $2-$5 and website hosting $20 per month. 

Once the site is launched we send a sign-off email with links to Support resources to facilitate the on-going self-administration of your website. If you need, or prefer, support from us after the website is built - for edits and updates, admin-panel help, tutoring, etc. -  we charge $55 per hour.

Please contact with any inquiries and or to get a custom quote.