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Websites Add-ons

website add-ons

We also offer other items to enhance your new website.

Digital Installation image

Digital Installation image

Digital Installation Images

Images showing your work installed into a gallery, office, corporate or home environment are crucial for your audience to contextualize it properly. How it looks on a wall, how it's framed and presented, a sense of scale and other concerns are all answered instantly by good installation images. A good installation photograph on your opening page (or elsewhere) can go a long way to set the tone of website.

See more details here.

Starting at $150.00

Custom favicon

Branded email can increase your audience engagement.

Branded email can increase your audience engagement.

That little logo that you usually see on the browser tab, mobile devices, etc. A nice touch for a slick finish, this replaces the one automatically inserted by a website or template provider.


Branded email

For example - this is an important one for a professional touch and artist brand reinforcement in all your communications.

Use Mailchimp to grow your audience.

Use Mailchimp to grow your audience.


Additional galleries or images

While we like to keep nice, tight edits on your site for those with a large inventory we can add as many images as you like to your new site.

$3.00 per image

Mailchimp integration

We can set you up with a Mailchimp account and a place for your list of contacts who need to know about new work, exhibitions and other career milestones. Currently you can have a basic account with up to 2000 subscribers before your start incurring fees from Mailchimp. We integrate this into your website by adding a "subscribe" button so you can start collecting contact information from your visitors (this goes straight to your Mailchimp subscriber list). For an additional $75 fee we can also layout a template for you in Mailchimp, for your newsletters or outreach, which can be re-used for all your future mailings. You can also add this to your social media presence to gather additional subscribers who are interested in your work.


Professional photography services

Do you need your work professionally documented? We know people...

Referral (no fee).