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Website Content Required

Website Content needed from new clients

1. Domain name (if needed)

New domain if needed: List your top 5 domain names in order of preference.

Already have domain: If you already have a domain secured send us your domain host, username and password. We can phone for this if preferred.

2. Images of Works

We recommend a maximum of around 20 for each gallery/collection/series you have.

We will work with up to 45 images in your galleries. After that an additional fee of $3.00 applies per image.

Image Quality:
Images should be 2000 pixels minimum on their shortest side (larger is fine) and preferably high quality jpeg (saved at 12 quality).

Name all image files as follows:


e.g.: Absence_acryliconcanvas_36x36inches_2016.jpg

3. Other images

A. A clear, well lit artist portrait.

B. Other contextualizing images such as studio shots, work in progress, installed work, etc.

4. Biography

5. Artist Statement

6. CV

7. Contact information

Typically an email and city where you're based.

Some include a phone number and address as well.

8. Social Media

List the urls of up to 4 of your social media accounts.

We will need login information to link these properly but will contact you by phone for that.

9. Basic SEO Text

A. Keywords – approximately 15 individual words that describe your art or business.

B. Browser Title/Tag Line and Meta Description - assemble keywords into a readable sentence.

10. Business Logo (if applicable)

If you have one, include it with your other material.

11. Font preferences

If you have specific preferences let us know.
If you don't we will select something appropriate and work with you on that.

We recommend no more than 2 - one for headlines/categories/etc. and another for texts.