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VGH Foundation

Vancouver General Hospital Art Collection

Pennylane has been actively involved in the not-for-profit art and charity sector for the past decade. After happily participating as a member of Art for Life committee for several years, she made the move to join the Vancouver General Hospital UBC hospital foundation in 2012.

Deeply passionate about art as a means of giving and healing, Pennylane strongly advocates for bringing artwork beyond the walls of the gallery or home. Through tours given regularly to patients and staff, she has seen firsthand the positive response to artwork in the hospital. By creating an atmosphere of hope, contemplation, cognitive stimulation and discussion for patients, visitors and staff, the hospital experience is drastically improved, as is the process of recovery.

Since its impetus in 2000, the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation has more than 1400 curated pieces by incredibly notable artists grace the walls of our hospitals, making it one of the largest and most recognized collections in Canada.

Whether you are an artist or collector, consider submitting a piece of art in consideration for donation to our hospitals. There are still many bare walls in lonely spaces that could benefit greatly from it.

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