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Dazed and Confucius currently offers four types of seminars on Professional Development. Please click to read full descriptions below including rates, and how to book a seminar. 

Navigating the Art Industry: Professional Practices for Emerging Artists

This is a unique seminar designed specifically for emerging artists preparing to approach the commercial and public art industry. It is ideal for fine artists of any media pursuing careers in the commercial Vancouver art market or those looking to expand their exhibition repertoire.

How It Looks

How it Looks: Trends and Techniques in Contemporary Framing, Hanging and Presentation

How a piece is presented is a crucial part of the final product. In the commercial art industry, it can often make or break a sale. When developing an exhibition, considering the space, the order and how the work is displayed is essential to the total experience.

How It Sounds

How It Sounds: Writing for the Practical Artist

Writing about one’s practice is a difficult feat for even the most seasoned artist. Translating the complex ideas in one’s work onto the written page is a daunting task that requires practice and research. This seminar focuses on the many facets of art writing using examples, tips and industry standards for emerging and mid-career artists.

Outbox: Digital Development for the Working Artist

OUTBOX is a unique seminar designed specifically for fine artists interested in developing their online presence and promoting their work in a professional and efficient way.