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Pennylane Shen

Pennylane Shen with Bratsa Bonifacho's  Adbusters 012  at the Bau-Xi Gallery

Pennylane Shen with Bratsa Bonifacho's Adbusters 012 at the Bau-Xi Gallery

Pennylane Shen is an artist consultant, curator and educator. Since 2006, Dazed and Confucius has offered personalized consultations, group seminars and business development with regular seminars held worldwide. Pennylane personally assists and advises over 500 artists on a one-on-one basis each year.

Pennylane holds a Master’s Degree in Visual Culture Theory from New York University and has lectured at various forums throughout Canada, the US and the UK. Her publications discuss the politics of representation, race and fine art. At Langara College and Thrive Art Studio Pennylane is responsible for creating and instructing courses on fine art marketing and conceptual development. She has also represented University of the Arts London in the UK, preparing students for higher education in the arts.

For more than a decade, Pennylane has worked in commercial galleries such as the Bau-Xi Gallery, the longest standing commercial gallery in Canada. In her hometown of Vancouver, BC Pennylane is also a curator for the Vancouver Mural Festival.

An avid supporter of art and wellness, she sits on the board for the Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Foundation, collecting notable art pieces for hospital walls. Pennylane manages the figurative artists’ collective Phantoms in the Front Yard, showcasing the work of prominent Vancouver artists at various pop-up locations.

Pennylane speaking at Pecha Kucha Vol 43