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 The Jealous Curator, Art for Your Ear Live Recording!

Danielle Krysa is back, this time for a live recording of Art for Your Ear at Fine Art Framing & Services.

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Join Danielle Krysa (aka The Jealous Curator) and Pennylane Shen at a live recording of Art for Your Ear, the celebrated podcast that digs deep into artists’ practices, providing the chance for all of us to get to know these successful artists, who also happen to be regular people with hilarious stories, before they’re in the art history books.

For this episode of Art for Your Ear, artist consultant Pennylane Shen, who advises artists around the world in their fine art practice and professional goals, joins Danielle in an "Ask Us Anything" style dialogue.

Pennylane and Danielle will be taking any and all burning questions submitted online and from the audience during this live taping.

Topics for Questions May Include:

Navigating the Art Industry
Gallery and Submission Advice
Creative Blocks and Inner Critiques
Danielle's new book: A Big Important Art Book: Now with Women
Curating Shows and Choosing Art
Selling and Showing Work
Favourite Chip Flavours
Would You Rathers...
And more!

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