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Navigating the Art Industry: Professional Practices for Emerging Artists  – 3 hours

This is a unique seminar designed specifically for emerging artists preparing to approach the commercial and public art industry. It is ideal for fine artists of any media pursuing careers in the commercial Vancouver art market or those looking to expand their exhibition repertoire.

Presenter Pennylane Shen has taught full courses in Vancouver, New York and Toronto. This seminar is a condensed introductory session of her 12-week course at Langara College and Thrive Studios, combining theory, industry experience and practical resources for the emerging artist.

Topics include:

  1. Presentation (portfolio, application letters, CVs, submissions, proposals)
  2. Approaching the Vancouver market (gallery profiles, current trends and descriptions)
  3. Alternative exhibition and marketing options (juried exhibitions, non-profit art spaces, group shows)
  4. Commercial gallery procedures and guidelines (payment, contracts, shipping, framing)
  5. Promotional Development (publications, websites, social media, biographies)
  6. Standard Practices (pricing, hanging, framing, documentation, editions, reproductions)

How it Looks: Trends and Techniques in Contemporary Framing, Hanging and Presentation – 80 minutes

How a piece is presented is a crucial part of the final product. In the commercial art industry, it can often make or break a sale. When developing an exhibition, considering the space, the order and how the work is displayed is essential to the total experience. For shipping long distances, conservation and museum-display specialized steps in protection and documentation must be taken into account.

The Way it Looks is a 80-minute seminar covering contemporary styles and trends in framing, hanging, labeling and presentation of artwork. Although this seminar focuses mainly on 2-dimensional media it is applicable to a variety of contexts, emphasizing the importance of protecting artwork for longevity and archival purposes in a cost-effective and practical manner. Reviewing multiple examples in contemporary ways of presentation from photography, works on panel, canvases, illustration and prints behind glass and examples that require no framing at all, Pennylane covers a wide spectrum of practical and gallery-quality display techniques.


How It Sounds: Writing for the Practical Artist – 90 minutes

Writing about one’s practice is a difficult feat for even the most seasoned artist. Translating the complex ideas in one’s work onto the written page is a daunting task that requires practice and research. This seminar focuses on the many facet of art writing, using several examples, tips and industry standards for emerging and mid-career artists.

Topics include: artists statements, CVs and covering letters, press releases, formal and informal voice. A key aspect of this seminar is to hone in on the art reading audience. Identifying these audiences helps situate the voice of the artist, clarify their purpose and fine tune the writing process. Using a variety of examples, Pennylane distinguishes use of concise writing verses artspeak and where and when each is appropriate.

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